Our goal is to establish a long-term relationship with our customers and partners in which a mutually beneficial and trustful cooperation plays an outstanding role. NPS customer centricity and a wealth of knowledge that comes from working with almost hundred customers around the region in virtually several industries, establishes the baseline to fast and effective planning and preparation of our complex, tailor-made and highly flexible solutions.

Our services cover every aspect of your business processes and systems from Business Process Reengineering, through Design & Development, Implementation (deployment and training) till continuous Support and Upgrade. In the course of this, our professionals use the latest advancements in information technology, and thus they are able to provide an exceptionally complex and comprehensive service.

  • Business Process Analysis
  • Design & Development
  • Implementation (data transfer, customization, testing...)
  • Training (general, specialist...)
  • Project Management
  • Support (maintenance, upgrade...)
  • System integration (via our partners)
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Business process analysis is the first and the most important phase of any standard project of ERP solution implementation. The result of this phase, or this project, in case you analysis is running independently, is the functional requirements document (FRD). FRD gives an accurate picture of the current situation (20-30%) and, more importantly, defines in detail the new solution proposal (70-80%), method and dynamics of the realization the following phases of the project.

The goal of the Analysis project
The project objective is to collect and document the functional needs of the customer on the agreed business areas for the ERP system introduction.
In a case of analysis realized as separate project, you can get fully comparable offers from several different suppliers, because all offers will be based on a single source (FRD). Selection of contractors for the analysis is not necessarily connected with the selection of contractors for the following, implementation project.

Possibilties offered by NPS are:

  1. results of the analysis of business processes for the introduction of ERP will be used for the implementation of any ERP solutions;
  2. results of the analysis will be to a great extent (~ 80%) usable for the implementation of any ERP system; the remaining 20% relates to the specifics of Microsoft Dynamics NAV;
  3. results of the analysis will be used primarily for the implementation of ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV and contain all the specifics of the system. Note: in this case the analysis is based on the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and not based in existing programs.

We recommend that the client choose the option 1) if he is convinced that the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV system is not adequate to the specifics of his business. The option 2) we recommend if the client wishes to take into consideration the other providers of ERP solutions offers also. The option 3) we recommend in case the client has decided to implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

The results of the project:

The result of analysis is Functional Requirements Document (FRD), with the GAP / FIT analysis included. FRD is composed of the following segments:

  • project scope defining,
  • business processes analysis,
  • business processes improvements proposal,
  • GAP Analysis: GAP analysis defines the difference (GAP) and compliance (FIT) between the standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV system and the customer's needs, thereby reducing the risk of the system to be installed without a basic understanding of the development and implementation dilemmas.


Improvement proposals do not affect the structure / organization of enterprise, because the determination of the employees competences in the field of client’s administration and it is not part of this project. This can be performed as a separate project of business processes improvement.

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Business solutions delivered by NPS will fully meet your business needs and requirements. You don’t have to transform your business processes to the implemented business solution but the software. That’s why NPS performs changes on the implemented business solution in line of your needs. This process results in vertical industry and horizontal solution developments, which can be accomplished cost effectively and rapidly.

The purpose of the Design Phase is to formulate and design the solution based on the solution requirements as laid out in the Functional Requirements Document (FRD) that will fulfill the business requirements of the Client. Our main focus is to document the design (Design Document) and present it to the Client in such a manner that the Client can understand what the developed system will be like and how it will operate. At the same time, we plan the development, dividing it into stages and scheduling developers.

The main aim of the Development Phase is to formulate the customizations, workflows, reports, custom portals, Plug-ins that may be required and to confirm by extensive testing that the component functions come together as per the requirements outlined in the Design Document. We also need to create the user manual and, if required a deployment plan and training plan.


Following the Analysis and Design phases and deployment of the system, there are several customization tasks.

Key customization areas are:

  • Customizing and creating new entities (objects)
  • Customizing forms and fields
  • Creating views
  • Defining the relations between objects
  • Setting up relational maps
  • Setting up system rights
  • Defining item master, prices and trade agreements
  • Data migration from legacy systems
  • Creating workflows
  • Preparing reports
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Setup & Training

First we check the settings of the new system. This is, as the previous initial data transfer, important for training purposes, where we will train users to perform everyday operating procedures. Training levels:

  • basic/general training for all future users, 
  • specific/specialized training for individual users profiles, 
  • work on concrete examples. 

Data transfer

While we were engaged in the development, key users were engaged on the code lists preparation (and 'cleaning'). After a detailed and final check, we transfer so prepared lists and data to the new system. The general test is performed after final testing, just before the GO Live.

Go Live 

The solution is ready, all the tests is complete, users trained to use the new system. Go Live is a moment when ​​the first commercial transaction is been created, e.g. the day of the first posting in a new business information system. The date of Go Live is the day when new system became operational. It is also the end of the implementation of solution defined with FRD.
In the first days after the start we are available to provide concrete assistance in resolving operational problems and the elimination of possible doubts, all in order to enable their independence in work as soon as possible. In well-implemented projects our presence at this stage is symbolic.

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User training is an integral part of each implementation process.

Occasionally we organize training for new and existing (mostly when we launch a new version) partners as well as specialist courses for accountants. Also, for our customers we organize and realize a variety of additional and specialized courses (finance, sales, payroll...), as well as training for individuals and groups of users who want to expand their acquired knowledge and skills.
For this purpose we have well equipped training center, adapted to all types of training we offer.

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Gauging project scope, software capabilities and staffing issues are just a few of the tasks the project manager must handle. The single most decisive element of a business solution implementation success or failure is the knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience of the project manager.

Understanding of the business and the technology is crucial condition for the project manager of the business solution implementation. To avoid customization, businesses frequently change their business processes to fit the new system. NPS project managers understand the impact of the integrated system implementation to the business and work with business managers to ensure a smooth transition from the "as is" to the "to be" business operating environment.

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Go Live is not the end of the project. Our "Help Center" ensures that our clients and partners use all the advantages of the new system in the best possible way. Every working day, from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, we provide help and support via our:

  • "Help Desk" - direct support, via telephone and / or the Internet, for all the users with active maintenance agreement. Short calls, simple / current issues and problems.
  • "Service Desk" - direct support, through the Common Portal*, and indirect, when it comes to solutions and issues that takes time.

All rights and obligations are regulated by a Maintenance contract / Service Level Agreement (SLA), as a standard appendix to the Sales Agreement. SLA precisely defines the level of seriousness for different types of possible faults and malfunctions, with a defined time to respond to support incidents, support lifecycles for each implemented NPS Add-On or vertical solution...


For the purposes of easier communication between project team members, during the project execution and later, at the stage of support and maintenance, we have created a common portal, within which each of our client / partner has a specific address and specific password/username.

The Portal contains all the project documentation, as well as other information related with the project and with the solutions and modules in use. For example:

  • roles and responsibilities of individuals, project team members,
  • general and specific instructions and user manuals,
  • support knowledge database with FAQs,
  • documents prepared by the NPS, as addition to standard Microsoft documents; this is the result of many years of experience and extensive range of projects, as well as numerous suggestions and remarks of our clients and partners.

After Go live, each our client or partner is allowed to use the common portal to order new / additional services, as well as to monitor the phase of his orders and requests. The same goes for the application and debugging or “Delivered Services Minutes" verification.

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With our entering into New Frontier group, range of products and services that we are now able to offer to our present and future clients has became significantly wider. 

That is primarily due to the fact that we are now also member of SAGA  (the first Serbian member of NF group) regional group of companies, with whom we have longterm partnership and friendly relations. Also, now we can rely onto cooperation with all other NFH group members, especially with the one of globaly leading Microsoft Dynamics partners - XAPT.

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